Spot Hogg Fast Eddie MRT 3 Pin .019 Left Hand Wrapped Sight

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  • MRT (Multi-Ring Technology) pin guard 3 and 5 pin versions come with two multi-ring options, a small and large, as well as one single ring. 
  • This increased versatility ensures proper peep to sight alignment with most setups. 
  • The multi-ring options provide the archer with a much higher level of accuracy in varying lighting situations by always giving the archer a bright visible ring to align their peep.
  • Further upgrades include a larger, more visible level, better protected, fiber optics, and an improved lighting cavity that allows the sight light (not included)  to be more evenly distributed and protects unwanted light from escaping. 
  • Bullet proof pins completely conceal and protect the fiber.
  • New improved yardage dial with better grip and a more relief from the sight tape and pointer.  
  • Lightweight 6” dovetail sight bar with quick release bow mount.
  • Micro adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis.
  • Coarse horizontal and vertical adjustments.
  • Tool-less adjustment.
  • Silent, quick release lock for yardage knob.
  • HRD technology, no bushings, no slop and no buzz.
  • Spreads out sight marks.
  • Large, easy to use yardage knob.
  • Solid 6061 aluminum construction.