HME 2 in 1 Ozone Device

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The HME Scent Slammer Scent Elimination Devise is the perfect accessory for the outdoor enthusiast. Remove unwanted odors from all of your hunting clothing or even your gym clothes. Don't let your scent free hunting clothes attract foul odors at home in the closet, by using the Scent Slammer Ozone Air Purifier Device, you can eliminate them. Totally portable by use of the 5,000mAh battery. When hunting seasons are through, the Scent Elimination Device continues working to eliminate other odors from sweat.
  • Eliminates odor on clothing and gear
  • Kills bacteria, and virus and is 100 percent chemical-free, leaving no scent or residue
  • Perfect in rooms for continuous use, or on the go in duffle bags, etc.
  • Direct Plug 110V AC USB Charger w/cable (Adjustable Ozone Output 20-90mg/h)
  • Rechargeable 5,000mAh battery (Ozone Output 20mg/h)
  • Room size coverage: up to 320sq ft
  • Battery Run time: 8 hours