Archer Xtreme Head Hunter Pro Pak Bow Sight PB30B

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The Headhunter Pro Package gives the archer some of the lightest gear we developed for the Team. Includes the 3-Pin Headhunter Sight, Helix K2 5 Arrow Quiver along with the TRD6 stabilizer keeping the set light and tight to the bow. This sight has been thoroughly tested and manufactured to the exact specifications that the Headhunter crew needs to put up with their demanding hunting style. Having all the features you need and none that you don't, this sight is sure to make an impact in the way you pursue your game and help in the success of your hunt! 3- .019 Pins. Convertible to left hand use. The HELIX K2 is reversible for right or left-handed use, and accommodates mechanical or traditional broad heads. Using High Density Foam insert and provides DC Dual Connect / One Hand Detach system! The DC on the HELIX provides total security on every hunt. The Rubberized connection posts make for one of the most secure one-handed mechanism ever on a one- piece quiver. Silent and secure detach system allow for fast one hand removal in the field and the connection post also act as buffer for the connection defusing vibration at the point of contact. Five arrow hood has foam insert with precut broadhead slits. Triangular ridge bridge truss system, harmonic dampening body fully machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, V.A.C. rubberized clear coat diminishes the effects of vibration, triad dampener cone with over mold blades stops vibration in a unique design, HD core dampening chamber zone with isolation dampening bead's stop harmonics dead.
  • 3 pin Head Hunter Sight
  • 6in TRD Stablizer
  • Helix K2 Quiver